Hoshen In Kabbalah And Hebrew Jewelry - The Breastplate of Judgment

Hoshen Symbol In Jewish Jewelry, The Breastplate of Judgment

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Hoshen Overview

Hoshen in Kabbalah and Hebrew jewelry, some times called Chosen, "Aaron's Breastplate" or "the Breastplate of Judgment is a breastplate worn originally by the High Priest Aaron during holy ceremonies in biblical times.  After Aaron every High Priest wore the Hoshen jewel when officiating ceremonies at the Temple. 

The High Priest would wear the Hoshen on his chest, over a kind of apron called the 'ephod'. The Chosen was attached to the ephod and it was commanded not to remove the Hoshen from the Ephod.

Choshen served and intermediary between the Twelve Tribes and G-d. Hoshen was a square breastplate made in linen served as a pouch where the "Urim and Thummin"(in Hebrew) were kept.

Hoshen's 12 Precious Stones & Symbols

In the Hoshen jewelry there were place 12 precious stones representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Each stone was unique engraved with a tribe’s name.  The multi gems were chosen to be made from specific minerals each one completely different from each other. Their meanings have changed from ancient to modern times.  

Those beautiful stones are considered a symbol of hope, optimism and have a strong influence in mystical purposes and benefits. Since any one known the exact stones used in the original Aaron’s Breastplate neither their order place, now days, each jeweler gives his individual interpretation of it, according to their stream or influence.

Hoshen Gemstones

In our handcrafted Kaballah Hoshen jewelry including Hebrew Hoshen pendants and Hebrew Hoshen rings, 

we place the stones in four rows of three engraved gems as follows:









Golden Topaz



Quartz or Diamond


Kabbalah Zohar Book & The Hoshen

In Kaballah Zohar book it is written that G-d created man similar to the forces of the Universe. Inside the human body two thirds of it is water, there are various kind of minerals like zinc, calcium and iron. There is a relation between the colors of the stones (nature) and the spiritual power from the world and universe (humans).  Both are attracted to each other and complement each other.

If a person is in need to change something specific in life. This person will be attracted to the specific stone which will give the power and strength to overcome the situation.

Hoshen gemstones and jewelry are part of the Kaballah jewelry. Each hand crafted individual jewelry and each individual stone, alone and together provide the one who wear it  many benefits such as protection, prosperity, business success, happiness, etc.

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